Speakers 2020

Dobromir Ciaś

Edge NPD

Founder of Edge NPD, a Polish company operating within the tech field that has launched a solution to combat misinformation in the Internet (ABTShield). Laureate of the New Europe 100 title awarded by the Financial Times, Google, Respublica and the Visegrad Fund to innovation leaders in Central and Eastern Europe and of an award for the Most Creative People in Polish Business. Distinguished by several market research organisations (PTBRIO, ESOMAR) and by Sir Martin Sorell (WPP) for the analysis of the Polish crisis 2008-2010. Before Edge NPD, holder of managerial positions, among others, at MillwardBrown and SMG KRC. Participated in more than 1,400 research projects. Author of numerous publications on market analysis and analytical and research methods.

Andrea Fumagalli

Vice President, Engineering – DFLabs

With over 20 years of experience in Information Technology and Cyber Security, Andrea works globally with Worldwide Organizations. He assists Fortune 500 multinational companies to government authorities, on organizational as well as security technology related projects. Andrea’s experience includes: Incident and Breach Response, Security Operations, Credit Card authorization systems, fraud prevention and detection systems, online transaction inspection systems and financial mission critical applications. He also works closely with clients to setup or reorganize the Security Operations Centers (SOC) and Incident Response Teams (CSIRT), using DFLabs innovative technology to orchestrate and automate processes and machine actions. Andrea collaborated with the faculty of IT Systems and Network Security, at the University of Milan, teaching “Management of IT Cybersecurity Incidents”. Previously, Andrea served as head of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Engineering for managed services provider InterVision and Technology Executive for The Nielsen Company. He began his career in IT systems analysis and consulting for Deutsche Bank and Accenture. Over the years he has helped a variety of businesses and organizations adopt International Standards and Best Practices in Cyber Security Incident Response domain. Clients then leverage the principles and convert them into actionable Playbooks that are easily implemented and have proven to be invaluable for future protection. Feel free to contact Andrea via LinkedIn: https://it.linkedin.com/in/fumagalliandrea

Agnieszka Gryszczyńska

Prosecutor of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pruszków

Since 2011, she is an assistant profesor at the Department of Information Technology of Law and Administration of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. Since 2017 she is the lecturer at the National School of Judiciary and Prosecutor’s Office, where she teaches a cybercrime. A member of the Council for Digitization from 2019. Since July 2018 she is the Prosecutor of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Pruszków, delegacy to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office on Warsaw, coordinator of cybercrime proceedings. 09.2016-07.2018 – she was head of Department III (combating cybercrime) in Department II of the District Prosecutor’s Office in Warsaw. She is a speaker at numerous national and international conferences and she is an author of publications about legal aspects of computerization, public registers, personal data protection, legally protected secrets as well as cybercrime and cyber security.

Marcin D. Hankiewicz

Independent security researcher

Marcin D. Hankiewicz an independent security researcher, programmer working at the heartbeat away from web applications and data science. After hours he doesn’t avoid fiddling with in consumer electronics, especially IoT. He is interested in unusual security problems, data leaks, automated analysis of social networks and broadly understood open-source intelligence.

Adam Jakóbaszek

ISACA Warsaw Chapter
Adam Jakóbaszek posiada ponad 20 lat doświadczenia w usługach IT, specjalizuje się w obszarach Cyber Defence & Offensive Security & Cloud Security. Zanim poszedł na studia informatyczne zaczął swoją karierę od zdobycia jako jeden z pierwszych w Polsce tytułu Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE i MCDBA). Pracował dla klientów z listy TOP500 m.in. Accenture, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard z różnych sektorów i branż w kraju i zagranicą. Ostatnio związany z testowaniem bezpieczeństwa środowisk hybrydowych chmury Microsoft jako Azure Security Engineer Associate. Doradza w zabezpieczeniu środowiskach hybrydowych, jak i projektuje scenariusze symulowania ataków ATP. Dzieli się wiedzą na konferencjach i angażuje w działania non-profit.

Paula Januszkiewicz


Paula Januszkiewicz is a CEO and Founder of CQURE and CQURE Academy. She is also Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP, honorable Microsoft Regional Director and a world-class cybersecurity expert, consulting customers all around the world. She established CQURE in 2008 and since then she has continued to build the team’s professional image, currently managing CQURE departments and headquarters in Poland.

Jakub Kałużny


Jakub is the author of Instant Threat Modeling series and works as a senior security consultant at SecuRing. With over a decade of experience in IT and 6 years of hands-on security testing, Jakub developed a comprehensive and systematic approach to security consulting. Jakub specialises in the areas of DevSecOps, threat modelling and penetration testing of applications, networks and systems in high-risk environments. Previously, Jakub had been working in Australia for 3 years where he consulted security for global clients in multiple industries – financial, law, airline and entertainment.

Katarzyna Kamińska

Warsaw University of Technology

Bioinformatician combining an interdisciplinary approach to biological and computer viruses using artificial intelligence methods among others. Currently works at the Cybersecurity Department at the Telecommunications Institute at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology (Warsaw University of Technology). For her scientific achievements awarded with Polish and international awards granted by MIT Technology Review (MIT Innovator Under 35, MIT Most Impactful Innovator of 2016 in Europe), L’Oréal for Women and Science, Foundation for Polish Science, Ministry of Science and Higher Education and many others. She co-authored scientific publications, book chapters and patent applications. Conducted research in leading research centres in Poland and abroad, incl. University of Tokyo (Japan), EMBL in Heidelberg (Germany) and University of California, Berkeley (USA). She is also an organizer of international workshops and programming conferences, incl. Django Girls, Django Under The Hood, DjangoCon Europe.

Andrzej Karpiński

Biuro Informacji Kredytowej. Dyrektor Bezpieczeństwa

Yehonatan Kfir

Chief Technology Officer at Radiflow

Yehonatan Kfir is Chief Technology Officer at Radiflow. The company provides cyber-security solutions for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure utilities. In addition, the company has a strong research team, aim to uncover new threats and new detection technologies. Earlier in his career, Yehonatan served 12 years in the cyber intelligent units, on both hardware and software roles. In those positions, Yehonatan initiate and lead research and development teams, solving the hardest technical problems in the cyber domain. Yehonatan is a graduate of the elite Talpiot military academy. He has BSc in Physics and Math from the Hebrew University, MBA from the Technion and MSc in Electrical Engineering from Tel-Aviv University. He is currently working on his PhD in Cyber Security in Bar-Ilan University. His main research interests are cryptography and attacks on Cyber Physical Systems.

Paweł Kłoczko

Member of the Association Polish Civic Cyber ​​Defense

Maciej Kotowicz

Independent security researcher

Maciej Kotowicz is an independent security researcher and founder of MalwareLab.pl, with previous work done as Senior Security Researcher in Kaspersky GReAT or Principal Botnet pwner at CERT.pl. He has a special interest in reverse engineering and exploit development as well as automation of both. Occasional speaker. In his free time, he likes to drink beer and play CTFs, in no particular order.

Adam Lange

Szefa zespołu Cyber Threat Hunting
Adam has an over two decades of IT and IT Security experience on offensive (red) and defensive (blue) side. Currently he serves as Head of Cyber Threat Hunting Team in Global Cyber Defense Centre for one of the largest global financial institutions. He is responsible for driving proactive identification of abnormal or malicious indicators of cyber threats attempting to evade or bypass security controls. By doing so he protects the bank and its customers located in over 60 markets from cyber attacks. In his spare time, he hunts threat actors on pro bono basis, conducting malware analysis and coding security tools and systems. Frequent speaker at security related conferences such as Confidence, SECURE, Security bSides Warsaw and What The H@ck. Retro gaming and Demoscene fan.

Piotr Madej

He specializes in the field of the offensive security, he has been comprehensively implementing IT security projects for over 5 years. He graduated Cracow University of Technology in the field of software engineering. In his first job, he was responsible for implementing cybersecurity solutions supporting the hundreds of companies. He expanded his knowledge and experience while he was working for global corporations and financial institutions, where he was a pentester as an expert. He is entered on the list of court experts. Holder of OSCE, OSCP, CISSP, CISA certificates. Award-winning in Bug Bounty programs – he found bugs in products, among others, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware. He currently works in Katowice, where he manages the branch of the company that performs penetration tests. As a speaker he takes an active part in the local meetup environment. He conducted training in the subject of penetration tests dedicated to students of Silesian universities. Fascinated by the subject of Red Team exercises.

Łukasz Mikuła

Łukasz has been associated with the offensive IT security industry for over 4 years. During this time, he worked on various types of exercises – from testing web applications, through low-level exploitation to red team exercises, conducting tests both in an international company and as an independent consultant. Co-founder of the fine Katowice branch and the author of cybersecurity training recognized on the international market. In IT security, he is particularly interested in the red teaming and low-level aspects of Windows systems security.

Artur Miękina

Asseco Data Systems

Dave Monnier

Fellow and the Director of Threat Intelligence and Outreach at Team Cymru
Understanding that real-world security involves both technology and business considerations, Dave helps organizations to fully consider their security and policy decisions in real-world terms. Dave has traveled the world presenting security ideas and solving organizations hardest problems. With over fifteen years of experience in a wide-range of technologies, Dave brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding to every situation. Dave began his career performing UNIX and Linux administration in academic and high performance computing environments where he helped build some of the most powerful computational systems of their day. subsequent to systems administration Dave moved into Internet security, having served as a Lead Security Engineer for a Big ten University and later helped to launch the Research and Education Networking ISAC, part of the formal U.S. ISAC community. Dave joined Team Cymru in 2007 where he has served as their Senior Engineer and later as a Security Evangelist. In 2010, Dave was granted the title of Team Cymru Fellow, a highest honor of Team Cymru. Dave has managed multiple teams as part of Team Cymru ranging from Engineering, Outreach, Threat Intelligence, Sales, and Marketing.


Fire Eye

Jens Monrad has worked in IT security for more than 20 years and currently lead strategic initiatives for Mandiant Threat Intelligence in EMEA. Previously, Jens has worked as a Senior Principal Analyst where he provided analysis based on the latest threat intelligence to help organizations understand the risks they face based on the way they operate. His scope includes attacks on both public and private organizations by cybercriminal groups, state-linked actors, as well as hacktivists. He has counselled some of the world’s largest companies, including several of the largest financial organizations and many government organizations, including several defense and intelligence organizations. Based in Copenhagen, Jens has presented at numerous conferences in Europe and the Middle East, and his commentary is regularly included in media reports globally. Recent examples of media activity include interviews and expert analysis published with the likes of Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Sky News, Financial Times, De Telegraaf, BBC, CNN, WIRED and several Danish newspapers and national radio. Jens sits in the security council in The Danish IT Industry Association and several sub-industry groups focusing on cyber espionage cybercrime, information sharing and emerging threats. On Twitter, he is @jenschm.


EMEA Field CTO for RSA

Bernard Montel is driving the thought leadership of RSA in EMEA positioning and articulating RSA vision and mission to key customers and industry events across EMEA. With almost 20 years at RSA, Bernard had several roles within the company and experience in the entire Portfolio. Expert in cryptography, Identity & Access Management, Bernard played a leading role within the Threat Detection & Response department during the past 4 years. He holds a Master of Science in Network and Security and a Master 2 degree in Artificial Intelligence.



An expert with 15 years of experience in security of network, web app, database and client station. He went to Splunk, because … sacurity is not everything. Currently, he mainly deals with consulting in the area of IT Operations, IT Security, Application Development. He helps to discover new possibilities of using information already held inside the organization to make business decisions. Previously, as a trainer, auditor and consultant, he worked in Polish and foreign companies in the area of cybersecurity and the network. Privately, a fan of Science Fiction, skiing and windsurfing.

Dawid Osojca

ComCERT.pl, IT security expert

IT security specialist. On a daily basis, he works in the ComCERT.PL team, where he deals with responding to computer incidents, tracking and analyzing new threats and developing internal tools. Fan of finding new patterns of criminals’ activities and coming up with new ways of detecting abuse. He participated in many projects in the area of IT security, such as creating a laboratory for malware analysis for State Administration entities or creating exercises for members of teams responding to the order of the ENISA Agency.



Angelika sympathizes with the IT Security community, being somewhat outside of it. She specializes in occupational health and safety, and is a professional programmer. Repeatedly assisted in organizing ITSEC events. Her dream is to create systems that integrate various security areas through unified threat detection systems, facilitate reporting of various types of incidents by employees and guests, a rich database of sensors and alarms, as well as facilitating the generation of audit reports of various types – from fire protection, through environmental protection, on health and safety and itsec. Privately, she keeps ants and can be caught on the #listekklonu channel in the pirc and quakenet networks.


Ciprian Alexandru Pitis

SWE / Google
Software engineer with several years of experience and broad skillset – starting as PHP Developer at GOG.com at BlaBlaCar, Security Engineer at Microsoft, Senior Cloud Software Engineer, now SWE at Google. Mainly interested in software design & architectures, low-level coding, software reverse engineering and exploitation. If not hacking or coding, I am probably sleeping, travelling or playing the guitar :_)


CERT Orange Polska
Psychologist by education, journalist by experience, father by choice, educator by vocation. Proud member of CERT Orange Polska, co-author of Safe Starter and CyberTarcza. Dedicated cybersecurity awareness evangelist – using word, image and new technologies. In free time – american football official.


Sekurak.pl / Securitum
Pentester, founder of sekurak.pl portal and IT security consultant at Securitum. Discloses information about security bugs in embedded devices since 2009. Michał has +10 years of experience in IT security. Certificate holder: CISSP, CEH, CTT +. Speaker at several dozen industry conferences, including: Secure (the best presentation), Semafor (the best presentation), Testingcup (the best presentation), Confidence (Top 3 of the best-rated presentations), SecCon, Aspire – The Dragon Wakes.

Jerzy Smoliński

Collegium Civitas
Lecturer in Center for the study of Terrorism and Chairman of Policy Council of Security and Information Analysis Center in Collegium Civitas in Warsaw. For a few years an Polish Army officer, co-founder of Press Service in Armed Forces. In 2001 Deputy Director of the Press and Information Office Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Poland – Spokesman of the Minister. Since 1994 television journalist, author of many television programs and magazines. From 2004 to 2006 Deputy Director of department of Polish National Television in Poznań. From 2007 to 2010 advisor of the Marshal of the Sejm of Poland. From 2010 to 2015 advisor of the President of the Republic of Poland Bronisław Komorowski.

Krzysztof Szczypiorski

Politechnika Warszawska
ICT expert specializing in information security. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (USA), University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) and Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), where he currently works as a professor and head of the Cybersecurity Division at the Institute of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. Head of the POB Research Center Cybersecurity and Data Science at WUT. R&D Director at Cryptomage S.A. He deals with issues of security in ICT networks, philosophy of observing phenomena, including anomalies and psychology of motivation.

Ireneusz Tarnowski

Santander Bank Polska
Expert in the Cyberthreats Analysis and Response Team at Santander Bank Polska, where he deals with tactical and operational Cyber Threat Intelligence on a daily basis. Analyzing threats in cyberspace and TTP (techniques, tactics and procedures) in attacks, it assesses the potential impact on the organization and develops plans for responding to emerging threats. For many years cybersecurity specialist in Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing, where he deals with the administration and security of network services (server systems, databases, network services admin). Graduate from Computer Science (Wroclaw University of Technology) and Cyber Security Management. Coordinator of the project for public key infrastructure (PKI) implementation in the PIONIER network. In the field of IT systems security he effectively combines the gained knowledge with over 10 years of experience. Being an independent consultant he analyzed hundreds of computer incidents. Engaging in the development of methods for detection and analysis of threats to widely understood IT infrastructure, he prepares technical and organizational (policies and procedures) solutions aimed at increasing the security level of the organization. Defensive approach to cybersecurity lover and “blue team” participant at training games dedicated to incident response. The designer of security-oriented architectures and highly available IT solutions (starting from the physical layer, through network layer to the application layer).


Security Engineer, Check Point

A security engineer in Check Point. A graduate of the University of Technology in Białystok with twelve years of experience in the field of Network && CyberSec. A specialist in the field of cloud computing security and IT / OT environments.


Bartosz Wójcicki

He is a graduate of the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. He has over 10 years of professional experience in the area of counteracting crimes related to banking activities. Since 2008 in the financial sector in the area of counteracting crimes and security. He managed the bank department responsible for operational risk management, including crime prevention, compliance risk and AML. Has experience related to the protection of personal data. Since 2014, it has been developing a portfolio of anti-fraud products offered by the Credit Information Bureau to financial sector. He is a co-creator of the BIK Antifraud Platform. In 2017, he became the director of the BIK Anti-Fraud Services Bureau, responsible for the development of anti-fraud products offered by BIK SA.