CTF 2019


During the next edition of our conference, the CTF (Capture The Flag) competition will be held again. Below we present organizational information about the competition:

  • CTF competition is organized by Cybersecurity Foundation and Polish Civic Cyberdefence.
  • The competition will take place at the conference venue (on-site). Remote connection is not possible.
  • The competition is open to teams of up to three players. We also accept “single player” teams.
  • The condition for participation in the competition is to submit the name of the team and names and surnames of the team members. The application is made by sending an email to the following address: “kamil.gapinski at cybsecurity.org”.
  • The condition for participation in the competition is registration for each participant’s conference (https://www.securitycasestudy.pl/rejestracja/).

Here are the awards for the best results in the competition:

1st place – 7500 PLN

2nd place – 4500 PLN

3rd place – 1500 PLN

We invite you to participate!