Program committee

Adam Haertle

Chief Editor,
Former CSO of a large polish telecommunications company, currently editor in chief of an infosec portal, journalist, researcher, lecturer and trainer. Since 2004 has been delivering highest rated presentations at multiple security-related conferences in Poland (and sometimes abroad). Spends multiple hours every day reading all infosec news and trying to explain security to regular people and those in the industry, who do not have the time or patience to read the lengthy reports. obscure papers and blog entries in forgotten languages. Favorite Google query: “how to quit vi”.

Łukasz Jachowicz
Professionally connected with ISEC and the Cybersecurity Foundation. For the former, he deals with security, for the latter – co-hosts the “Cyber, cyber…” podcast. In his spare time he writes for Rę security newssite. For many years he advised the largest technology companies on legislative issues, he was also a member of the Council for Digitization of the Minister for IT. Online since mid-90s. Creator of niusy – one of the first daily news services on the Polish Internet, and 7thGuard – once the most popular polish newssite about Linux and free software. He collects information about hacks from the distant past, old computers – and still encounters the problem of the year 2000.

Rafał Kasprzyk

ppłk dr inż. Rafał Kasprzyk, Military University of Technology

Robert Kośla

Head, Cybersecurity Department, Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs
A graduate of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw – Cybernetics Department.
From October 2018,  Head, Cybersecurity Department, Polish Ministry of Digital Affairs
2008-2018 at Microsoft CEE HQ in Munich – Director of National Security and Defense across Central and Eastern Europe.
Expert European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training (CEPOL) in cyber crime and computer forensics.

Bogusław Kowalski

Director of the Information Security and Risk Office, CERT ENERGA

Adam Lange

VP, Cyber Threat Hunting, Standard Chartered Bank

Adam has an over two decades of IT and IT Security experience on offensive (red) and defensive (blue) side. Currently he serves as Head of Cyber Threat Hunting Team in Global Cyber Defense Centre for one of the largest global financial institutions. He is responsible for driving proactive identification of abnormal or malicious indicators of cyber threats attempting to evade or bypass security controls. By doing so he protects the bank and its customers located in over 60 markets from cyber attacks. In his spare time, he hunts threat actors on pro bono basis, conducting malware analysis and coding security tools and systems. Frequent speaker at security related conferences such as Confidence, SECURE, Security bSides Warsaw and What The H@ck. Retro gaming and Demoscene fan.

Mirosław Maj

Founder and president of the Cybersecurity Foundation, CEO of ComCERT,

Mirosław has over 20 years of experience in the field of ICT security. Founder and president of the Cybersecurity Foundation, CEO of ComCERT, former leader of the CERT Polska team. The originator of the Polish organization Cyberdefence. He was an advisor to the Minister of National Defense of Poland. He is a member of the Trusted Introducer team responsible for CERT accreditation and certification.
Expert of the European Network Information Security Agency and co-author of many ENISA publications, including CERT exercises and documents on improving CERT coordination. He organized cyber exercises in Poland and Georgia for the energy, banking and telecommunications sectors. Speaker at many international conferences, including FIRST conferences. He is also the organizer of four editions of cyber Cyber-EXE Poland exercises and the Security Case Study conference.

Andrzej Olsztyński

Cybersecurity expert

Maciej Pyznar

Director of Strategic Projects in ComCERT SA

Krzysztof Szczypiorski,

Warsaw University of Technology
ICT expert specializing in information security. A graduate of the University of California, Berkeley (USA), University of Social Sciences and Humanities (SWPS) and Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), where he currently works as a professor and head of the Cybersecurity Division at the Institute of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. Head of the POB Research Center Cybersecurity and Data Science at WUT. R&D Director at Cryptomage S.A. He deals with issues of security in ICT networks, philosophy of observing phenomena, including anomalies and psychology of motivation.