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Chief Resource Officer, F-Secure 

Mikko Hypponen is a cyber war veteran and the Chief Research Officer of F-Secure. He has written on his research for publications such as the New York Times, Wired and Scientific America and lectured at the universities of Stanford and Cambridge.
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John Matherly is an Internet cartographer, speaker and founder of Shodan, the world’s first search engine for the Internet-connected devices. Printers, webcams, power plants and more have been found over time and the revelations have changed the way security and privacy on the Internet is perceived. Shodan is already seeing TVs, cell phones, traffic lights, ind ustrial controls, infrastructure plants and various home appliances pop up in the search results. And more of these Internet-of-Things devices are added each day as the world is becoming more connected. For the past years, he has been featured in the news on CNBC, CNN Money, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Forbes, Time and many others.

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Aaron Cherrington is a Principal Intelligence Analyst with FireEye for the past four years; and overall has ten years’ experience as a cyber security intelligence and secure systems design. Previously, Aaron served as a Computer Network Operations Intelligence Officer and Branch Chief at United States Cyber Command, Joint Task Force Global Network Operations, and Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), Defense Intelligence Agency, and also as a Cyber Security Scientist with the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has published extensively primarily in classified and closed channels, but was a contributing author to Mandiant’s APT1 report which attributed hackers stealing intellectual property from international corporations, to the Chinese Military.


Robert KOŚLA

Microsoft Europe 

Robert is Microsoft’s regional manager responsible for Public Safety, National Security and Defense across Central and Eastern Europe (more than 30 countries, including 13 NATO and 13 EU States) working with national, NATO and EU information security bodies, law enforcement agencies and military structures. His core focus are modernization programs and Cyber Defense, Cybersecurity, fighting Cybercrimes national capabilities development.

Before joining Microsoft, Robert served over 20 years in Polish Armed Forces and the Polish Government agencies responsible for Cryptography, Information Security and Cyber Defense. He retired as Lieutenant Colonel from the Information Assurance Department (DBTI) of the National Internal Security Agency (ABW) in Poland, where he has held the position of Deputy Director for ten years.  He was responsible for development, implementation, evaluation and accreditation of governmental classified information systems and networks – national as well as EU and NATO. He created the National Information Security Authority in Poland, fully compliant with NATO Security Policy, directives and guidelines.

For ten years he was a national representative to NATO Information Security Sub-Committee and its substructure (e.g. Common Criteria Ad Hoc Working Group and Interconnection of Networks Ad Hoc Working Group), NATO Cyber Defense Workshops and a member of NATO PKI Advisory Cell.  Robert was an active member of EU Council Security Committee (INFOSEC), responsible for IT security directives and guidelines development for EU Members and bodies.

He was one of pioneers addressing National Critical IT Infrastructure protection needs in Poland and initiating Cyber Defense related projects (e.g. ARAKIS-GOV – Network Early Warning System) in cooperation with NASK CERT Polska Team. He has promoted the idea of the Polish Government CERT.

In parallel to his function as Deputy Director, Robert was asked to draw upon his knowledge and experience in modern technologies standards and laws development, when he was appointed the National Project Manager for Schengen Information System implementation in Poland (Dec 2006 – May 2008) – which was successfully implemented across and within all law enforcement services (e.g. Police, Border Guard, Central Anti-Corruption Bureau, MOD, MOJ), defense structures and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Marcin ADLER


Working in DGT Sp. z o.o. for over 12 years. He started his career as a sales consultant. Then he was promoted to the position of product manager, where together with a group of engineers he built and introduced to the market digital call recording systems – NetCRR and NetCRR2. After a few years he was appointed to the position of Deputy Director of Business Development and took up the development of systems dedicated to analysis of signaling in the GSM mobile networks – Signaling Analyzer DGT 1112 Option+. Currently he holds position of Strategic Program Director and coordinates R&D activites for the next generation of data analysis systems in optical networks – DGT IP-TAP and DGT RMP Platform. He has experience in managing complex projects, for example: call recording systems for MakroCash & Carry Poland, PKO BP bank and Polish Energy Group, signaling analysis systems for T-Mobile and Orange, Multifunctional Access Router DGT RGW VDSL2 for Orange, as well as experience in building product strategy and product development.
He is 37 years old and is a graduate of the Institute of Organization and Management, Department of Management, University of Gdansk. Privately, husband and father of two children. In his free time he likes to read books or go out for jogging, cycling or scuba diving.



Orange Polska

At the IT security industry since 2000. In 2005 he took responsibility for CERT at TP SA (Telekomunikacja Polska SA).  Initiator of series spectacular actions directly affecting security of Polish Internet users, including blocking port 25 for Neostrada users  (reduction of spam in the Polish IP by 99%) and the introduction of BGP Blackholing (cutting off access for centrally controlled botnets to TP’s network). He took part in the implementation of security packages and free security tools for customers offered by TP SA.
Responsible for emergency response team, which received US-CERT accreditation and thus the right to use the prestigious name “CERT”. That allowed to change the name of ABUSE TP to TP CERT. This is the second unit of this type in Poland and is still the only one in our country in the telecommunications sector. As a representative of the biggest Polish telecommunications operator in matters of IT security he plays an active role in legislative work, supporting activities related to the creation of national and EU law.
Since January 2013, among other tasks, he is responsible for services offer for external customers and for building awareness of IT security (through publications at Orange Technology Blog  – http://blog.orange.pl/technologiczny/).



Deals with the information analysis by identifying information operations, disinformation and manipulation techniques used in the “information war” ongoing in the area of social media and Polish-language websites.



NATO Strategic Communications Centre of Excellence

Literature translator, writer, manager, civil servant. She is a graduate of the Warsaw University (French Philology, Business Administration) and of the MBA program of the University of Warsaw and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Prior to her civil servant carrier, for 15 years she had worked as manager in Polish media (deputy CEO in one of the leading dailies publishing groups and deputy director of Channel One of Polskie Radio). As civil servant, she worked first in the Polish Ministry of Transport where she was in charge of the EU affairs, and then, in the Polish Ministry of National Defense where she was director of Public Affairs Department. She was responsible for creating StratCom structure in the Polish MOD, and represented Poland in the Steering Committee of the NATO STRATCOM COE. Her big passion is literature and she has been pursuing it by writing books (mainly for children) and translating French and English literature (more than 20 books published in Poland). Privately, married, with three kids whom she considers as her biggest achievement.



Supreme Audit Office

Lawyer, state administration official, Border Guard general, Border Guard Chief in 1997–2001 Police Chief in 2005–2007. Graduated in legal studies at the Warsaw Theological Academy (presently Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw). After graduation worked as lawyer in the Szczecin diocesan curia. In the eighties ha was active in the democratic opposition, was counselor to Marian Jurczyk. Since 1993 was employed at the Border Guard, in 1993-1996 was its Szczecin branch chief, I 1996-1997 was the country’s Guard chief’s deput, and in 1997-2001 the chief of the Border Guard. After he was dismissed, he worked as an adviser at the  Supreme Audit Office (2202-2005). On November 3rd, 2005 he was nominated to the position of the Police Chief. He retired on February 9th, 2007. Then, since July 10th 2007 he worked as Orlen Ochrona Ltd CEO. In 2008 returned to the Supreme Audit Office where he worked as it Lublin Branch director. Presently he works as the Internal Security Department’s Director in this organisation.




Cloud Solutions Architect at Microsoft, previously architect of identity management and security solutions. Before that a C / C ++ /. Net / Java developer. Also PhD in computer science. With the IT industry since studies, that is from many years. Because of education called by clients ‘doctor’.  Privately bridge player and current photography, snooker and team games enthusiast.

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Coder from Poland*. Hoping to learn something new every day. Thankful to everybody who helps me while I hop along. Co-leads: SCKRK, Polish JUG, Lambda Lounge Kraków.
I’m a flawed human, and unafraid to say so.
Into: people, software, music, role-playing, honesty, learning.
Dislikes: doing unnecessary things, doing “because I can”.
* I got it from me parents. They coded and so do I.



‎RSM at Cisco Systems

Łukasz Bromirski the last few years managed to Cisco technical organization as a technical director. Currently he is responsible for the sales team in Cisco Poland, tries to work to promote knowledge about networks, leads the project BGP Blackholing PL.



The physicist, a graduate of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technical University of Szczecin. Professionally engaged in electronics: design, analysis and auditing solutions, reverse – engineering (hardware + software).


Product Manager Asseco Data Systems SA

PhD in technical science in the field of computer science. By 2001 employee of Communications Security and IT Unit at Office for State Protection. Since 1994 member of the Technical Committee 182 “Information Security in IT systems” at the Polish Committee for Standardization. Co-author of a number of Polish standards in the field of security techniques. Current employee at Asseco Data Systems SA as Product Manager. His responsibilities include projects in the scope of security architecture of ICT systems, implementation and audits of ISMS, risk management, business continuity management and related legal aspects and standardization.

His main interests are also issues of criteria for evaluating security products, especially equipment and cryptographic software.

For many years, he publishes articles and speaks at conferences dedicated to IT security. He is a lecturer at the postgraduate studies at Warsaw University of Technology. Member of ISACA Warsaw Chapter. CISA, CRiSC, CEH, lead auditor ISO 27001, ISO 22301 lead auditor and the internal auditor ISO 20000.



Aleksander P. Czarnowski is CEO of AVET Information and Network Security sp. z o.o., head of Business Center Club Cybersecurity Commission, Cloud Industry Select Group (CSIG) expert, Member of Advisory Board of EuroCloud StarAudit and member of Polish Committee for Standardization Technical Committee 182 responsible for polish revision of ISO 27001 standard. He is also a contributing author to Virus Bulletin and InfoSec Institute.
Privately he is a leader of open source project pysecure.io enabling Python developers to write secure code.


Przemysław DĘBA

Orange Polska

Director of IT Systems Security, IT Infrastructure and Cybersecurity, Orange Poland.

Taking care of IT security at Orange Poland he made the organization look at this aspect of its operation from a completely different perspective. A supporter of sharing IT security knowledge: both in terms of education and building awareness of safety (in a clear manner to the average Internet user), by providing to end customers needed and understandable for them services, through to the use Orange Poland security competence by institutional and business customers. Not afraid of innovation – under his leadership Orange Poland launched services such as CyberTarcza or based on a network, independent from operating system, parental control service for mobile users. Winner of Security Excellence Award in 2016.
In Orange Poland (formerly TP) since 1992. An experienced manager, an expert in the field of telecommunications networks, a consultant in the AMEA region. Founder and longtime director of the Service Management Center (SMC) Orange Poland, uncompromising when it comes to the safety of Orange Poland’s customers.


Alexandre DULAUNOY


Alexandre encountered his first computer in the eighties, and he disassembled it to know how the thing works. While pursuing his logical path towards information security and free software, he worked as senior security network consultant at different places (e.g. Ubizen, now Cybertrust). He co-founded a startup called Conostix specialized in information security management, and the past 6 years, he was the manager of global information security at SES, a leading international satellite operator. He is now working at the Luxembourgian Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) called CIRCL in the research and operational fields. He is also lecturer in information security at Paul-Verlaine University in Metz and the University of Luxembourg. Alexandre enjoys working on projects where there is a blend of “free information”, innovation and a direct social improvement. When not gardening binary streams, he likes facing the reality of ecosystems while gardening or doing photography.

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Przemysław FRASUNEK

Atende Software

Przemysław Frasunek is a “white hat” hacker and computer security expert from Poland. Since 1999, when he became interested in IT security issues, he has published over 40 vulnerability reports on commonly used software. Przemysław has been a leader of dozens of security audits and is the author of a series of training workshops on systems and applications security. In Atende Software company he is responsible for development of redCDN (the largest Polish content delivery network) and redGuardian (a DDoS mitigation service offerred in scrubbing center model).



Head of Cyber Crime Unit, Polish National Police

Head of the Cyber Crime Unit at National Police Headquarters. Since the beginning of the service in the Police associated with technical units and activities related to the implementation of modern technologies in the field of operational technique and cybercrime. Since 2015 leads the Cyber Crime Unit and supervises the whole division to fight cybercrime. Acts as National Focal Point European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS), whose main goal is to strengthen activities of Police at the international arena by promoting the use and implementf modern technologies in the fight against crime while cooperating with industry and research centers.



Independent writer

Marek Grajek is a cryptographer, journalist and historian. His professional experience covers several disciplines (cryptography and IT security, economics and finance), several sectors (finance and investment, IT, and consulting), several continents and cultures. History of cryptography represents one of his passions, culminating in his books presenting crucial crypto adventures of the XX century.



Team Lead of IT Security in Allegro Group

Dawid Golak is a Team leader of IT Systems Security Allegro Group. In his work, in addition to managing security team focuses on the technical aspects of security, the security of web applications, infrastructure, maintenance incidents, ending with the analysis of malware. After hours runs marathons.




Head of IT security at UPC Polska, responsible for providing an adequate level of information protection, in particular customers, personal data and company secrets, as well as detection and eradication of company and customer abuse, cooperation with law enforcement, control mechanisms and their compliance with regulations. Between 2008 and 2009 Adam was a member of management of ISACA Polska. He holds CISA and CRISC qualifications.



Independent researcher

Low and high level programmer, malware analyst. Blog writer at:


Krzysztof HUDEK


IT Security consultant at Hewlett Packard Enterprise and independent consultant at SecWire, with specialisation in SIEM technologies. Previously he headed the last, expert line of threat analysts in the international, banking Global SOC. Performs analysis and implementation in large corporations (including financial) and government organizations throughout the EU.



Military University of Technology

Rafał Kasprzyk was commissioned as 2Lt. in 2004 and one year later received his M.Sc. Eng. degree after individual studying in DSS (Decision Support System) at Cybernetics Faculty as the 1st place graduate from Military University of Technology in 2005. He was promoted to the rank of Lt., Capt. and Maj. in 2008, 2010 and 2012 respectively. In 2012 he received Ph.D. degree in the field of computer science. He has worked as a lecturer at Cybernetics Faculty since 2005. He has participated in many scientific projects connected with combat simulation and crisis management. His main interest are graphs and networks theory, decision support systems, computer simulation, homeland security and cyber-security.



Lawyer, Senior Partner, Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy Sp.j.

Xawery Konarski is a legal expert with more than 20 years of experience in new technologies. He is a Senior Partner and co-founder of the law firm Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy. He is in charge of the Technologies Media Telecommunications and the Public Procurement Law teams. He is an adviser to Polish and international companies in the field of telecommunications law, IT, the Internet, and information protection. He also advises on projects related to investments in innovation and IT and ICT infrastructure, including with the use of EU funds.

Xawery Konarski is a member of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT). He is a legal adviser to the Association of Internet Industry Employers IAB Polska and the Polish Chamber of Insurance (PIU). In the capacity of an expert consultant, he participated in the legislative work on a number of laws in the field of new technologies. He is an arbitrator for the Arbitration Court for Internet Domains at the PIIT.
Xawery Konarski has been repeatedly recommended in Polish and international rankings of lawyers specialising in TMT (including Chambers Europe, Legal 500, Rzeczpospolita). He is the author of several academic publications in the field of new technologies and personal data protection law.

Xawery Konarski graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University. He has foreign internship experience, including at De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek (The Hague) and Boekel de Neree (Amsterdam).




For over 11 years Piotr has been helping Polish and international companies to secure their networks and web applications. He started his IT career with the British branch of Philips Electronics. Currently Piotr is the security team manager at niebezpiecznik.pl – a consulting company, providing security audits and penetration tests of IT systems.


Tomasz ŁUŻAK

Product Manager EXATEL SA
A graduate of The Warsaw School of Economics and the international CEMS MIM programme. He has been working in the telecommunications industry since the beginning of his professional career. Previously he worked for Tele2 and Netia, in which he carried out, among others, the Unified Communications project and was responsible for the small and medium business offers (SOHO / SME). At Exatel, Tomasz is responsible for the security services offers (eg. Anti DDoS, Anti-malware, Managed Firewall, DLP) and the Security Operations Center project. His main interests are new technologies and e-economy.


System engineer in Orion Instruments Polska

Piotr Malec is a system engineer in Orion Instruments Polska. He ran numerous projects and implementation in the areas of security and business continuity of IT infrastructure; he specializes especially in SIEM and DLP solutions. He hold a number of engineer’s certificates even in Intel Security (McAfee) technologies. In his professional career he held among others the posts of Head of Department of Network and Systems Security of the Center of Service of the Prime Minister Chancellery, Administrator of Information Systems Security of the Government Legislation Centre, as well as the Head – Coordinator on IT Project of the Joint Services Center in Prime Minister’s Office.


Mirosław MAJ

Cybersecurity Foundation

Miroslaw Maj has more than 15 years of experience in IT and the IT security sector. For almost 10 years he has lead the CERT Polska team – the first Polish incident handling team which plays the role of national level team. In 2010 he founded the Cybersecurity Foundation and he became its first director. Since September 2010 he has become the expert on the CIIP of the Polish Government Center for Security. In 2011 he also became a co-founder of the first Polish independent CERT – ComCERT.PL. He is the author of papers on security statistics and other subjects from the security area. He is involved in international cooperation between CSIRT teams as a member of the Trusted Introducer team as well as in formal European projects related to security issues (standards, statistics, information sharing, fighting with an illegal content, building security awareness and establishing new CSIRT teams). He is the co-author of many ENISA publications including CERT exercises and papers on improving the CERT coordination. Miroslaw Maj organized four editions of the national level cyber exercises in Poland – Cyber-EXE Polska – for critical infrastructure, telecommunication and banking sectors. He has presented his works at many international conferences including a number of presentations at the FIRST conferences.

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Marcin started his IT and security journey 20 years ago and worked his way up from operational area through control functions and now is the senior IT & Security auditor in Generali Poland. As a former CIO he’s commited to work out practical solutions and liaise between technical and business staff, while experience as CISO counterbalances the purely technical approach. He holds CISA, ITIL and ISO and Forensic IT certificates. After hours he tries to learn quantum physics.



OWASP / SecuRing

Mateusz is a Senior IT Security Consultant at SecuRing.His key responsibilities are web and mobile application penetration testing, source code review. Moreover he works as a consultant, helping software development teams cope with application security related topics. Previously working as a software developer, building software for financial sector. He was a speaker both at international and Polish conferences and meetings dedicated to software development and IT security, including 4Developers, BlackHatAsia, CONFidence, Testing Cup and Test Well. Since 2011 he is a board member of OWASP Poland Local Chapter and coorganizer of chapter meetings.




IT security expert, member of ComCERT.PL Team, the team that delivers IT incident response related services. He has participated in a number of important IT security undertakings, such as malware analysis lab design for a public administration, participated in the preparation of the exercise training materials for the security response teams, commissioned by ENISA. Member of the Cyber Europe 2014 winning team (ComCERT.PL), among the 100 teams from across Europe.



Legal Expert on Cybersecurity, The Cybersecurity Foundation

A Legal Advisor with 20 years’ experience, admitted to the Warsaw Bar of Legal Advisors. Graduated from the Faculty of Law at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Artur specializes in information and communication technology law (ICT). He advises clients from the Internet and telecommunication sectors, particularly on telecommunication services, e-commerce, data security and internet domains.

He is an expert at the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) in regulatory, privacy and data protection. He cooperates with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and in the past has cooperated with the Council of European National Top Level Domain Registries (CENTR). He is an active participant in International Telecommunication Union (ITU) meetings and counsel to the Cyber Security Foundation. He was also a member of the Telecommunication Operators Group and the E-Media Committee at The Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications (PIIT). He is also a co-founder of the Domain Names Arbitration Court at PIIT, where he headed the legal works and a co-founder of domain case law at the Arbitration Court at the Polish Chamber of Commerce (KIG). Artur cooperates with the Foundation for Cybersecurity and the Kościuszko Institute in Kraków on a daily basis.

Previously, Artur worked as a general legal counsel at the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK), representing the PL Register in Poland and international organizations.

Artur is the author of numerous speeches, panel sessions, seminars and publications in Poland and abroad, mainly focusing on new technologies law including internet domain names, telecommunications law and IP protection. He has many years of expertise in relations with international organisations, for whom he has prepared studies and reports as well as verifying documents. He has participated in ongoing projects of working groups.



Graduated from the Faculty of Technical Physics and Applied Mathematics of Warsaw University of Technology, in the field of computer science. His master thesis referred to the cryptography and since then, his professional life is connected with the subject of information processing security (now called cybersecurity). He specializes in risk analysis and  information security management. For many years he participated in the work of the subcommittee ISO / IEC JTC1 SC27, responsible for the developing ISO standards in the field of information security. He was responsible there, among others, for the draft of standard ISO / IEC 18044 – “Information Security Incident Handling”. He was responsible for the location of the technical report ISO / IEC TR 13335-1, which in Poland was published as PN-I-13335-1 – “Guidelines for security management of IT systems”. He co-founded as a technical expert first government bill on electronic signature. In foreign corporations (Utimaco Data Security GmbH, VASCO Data Security NV et al.) he was responsible for the introduction of products of these companies (encryption, strong authentication, HSM devices) on the Polish market and Eastern Europe. He works closely with the National IT Security and Classified Information Protection Association. Author of numerous trainings and presentations on Polish and international forums.


Intel Security
Graduated from Computer Science at the Faculty of Technical Physics, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of the University of Lodz. At IT industry for eight years. He participated in many projects aimed at increasing security of the IT infrastructure and protection of digital data. He has extensive experience in the analysis, design and implementation of IT security solutions. It specializes in network security solutions dedicated to the SMB market and Enterprise.



Founder and consultant service Sekurak.pl d / s IT security Securitum. He has ten years of experience in issues related to technical IT security. It implements safety tests. The holder of the certificate: CISSP, CEH, CTT +.
Speaker at dozens of industry conferences, including: Secure (best presentation), Semaphore (best presentation), Testingcup (best presentation) Confidence (Top 3 best evaluated presentation) SecCon, Aspire – The Dragon Wakes.



Warsaw University of Technology, Poland, Cryptomage SA
An ICT specialist and a passionate photographer, who also loves traveling and recently club DJing. Graduated from University of California, Berkeley (USA), University of Social Sciences and Humanities – SWPS (Poland), and Warsaw University of Technology (Poland), where he currently serves as a Professor and a Head of Cybersecurity Division at Institute of Telecommunications, Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology. VP for Research and Development at Cryptomage S.A. (Poland). His research interests include: security in ICT networks, philosophy of phenomenon observation, and more recently the psychology of motivation. Homepage: http://szczypiorski.com
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Krzysztof SZPUNAR

Enigma Systemy Ochrony Informacji Sp. z o.o.

Graduated from the Cracow University of Economics, Faculty of Management. From the beginning of his career associated with the IT market and since 16 years also with the financial sector. He gained experience on commercial positions in companies such as Comarch, Softbank Group, Infovide-Matrix or Bonair. Since 3 years serves as Deputy Commercial Director for Banking and Financial Market at Enigma.



IT Security specialist in Allegro Group

IT security specialist for almost 10 years associated with the Allegro Group. He has extensive experience in transaction security. Currently implements security element in projects conducted projects and implemented business solutions. Also involved in the development of information security. Acting in accordance with the principle of “prevention is better than cure” provides trainings to promote the idea of “security awareness”.



Security Culture Initiative / TR&IS Forum Wrocław

Specialist in Wrocław Centre for Networking and Supercomputing, where he deals with the administration and security of network services (server systems, databases, network services admin). Graduate from Computer Science (Wroclaw University of Technology) and Cyber Security Management. Coordinator of the project for public key infrastructure (PKI) implementation in the PIONIER network. In the field of IT systems security he effectively combines the gained knowledge with over 10 years of experience. Being an independent consultant he analyzed hundreds of computer incidents. Engaging in the development of methods for detection and analysis of threats to widely understood IT infrastructure, he prepares technical and organizational (policies and procedures) solutions aimed at increasing the security level of the organization. Defensive approach to cybersecurity lover and  “blue team” participant at training games dedicated to incident response. The designer of security-oriented architectures and highly available IT solutions (starting from the physical layer, through network layer to the application layer).  Member of Information Security WCSS Team, the PIONIER CERT working group, a member of the Technology Risk & Information Security.



Deputy Head of Cyber Crime Unit, Polish National Police

PhD, Deputy Head of Cyber Crime Unit at National Police Headquarters. In the Police she serviced within the criminal division including: investigation division, operational technology and cybercrime. Since 2015 she is a Deputy Head of the Cyber Crime Unit.
She is also the deputy of the National Focal Point European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS).



software developer, Ericsson

Since the beginning of her career associated with the development of ICT software (WCDMA, LTE) for one of the leading suppliers of products and services. She currently works in the area of security where she develops authentication and access control mechanisms for platform dedicated to telecom operators to manage their cellular network. She also conducts internal training in the field of cryptography.


Jarosław Sporysz

Programmer, Physics graduate of Cracow University of Technology. Has experience in reverse engineering, vulnerability research and exploit development. In the past conducting software reverse engineering in Sony and Barclays Bank. Implemented various cryptographic solutions for public and financial sector. Conducted security research and published security advisories on vulnerabilities found in mobile devices and web browsers. In his spare time researching crawlers, artificial inteligence, physical simulation and evolutionary robotics.


VP Engineering SmartRecruiters/OWASP

Rafal leads the engineering team of SmartRecruiters, a San Francisco headquartered mid-to-late stage startup with over 1000 customers (Square, AOL, Atlassian, Visa…). He has 10+ years of experience in building high-volume enterprise and consumer-class SaaS products. At SmartRecruiters he is responsible for all engineering aspects: building high-performance team, development and running of delightful products that meet top architectural and security standards. His leadership and managerial experiences range from setting up a few-people startup to running 50+ people org with multiple departments.



European Data Protection Assistant Supervisor

The Diet appointed Wojciech Wiewiórowski the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data, and on August 4th, 2010 he started his four-year term of office. Wojciech Wiewiórowski was awarded the academic degree of Doctor in constitutional law. Since 2006 he has been working for public administration. He was among others adviser in the field of e-government and information society for the Minister of Interior and Administration, as well as Vice-president of the Regulatory Commission of the Polish Autocephalous Orthodox Church. In 2008 he took over the post of the Director of the Informatisation Department at the Ministry of Interior and Administration. He also represented Poland in committee on Interoperability Solutions for European Public Administrations (the ISA Committee) assisting the European Commission. In 2010 he was appointed the member of the Archives Council to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. He is a member of the Polish Association for European Law. He is the author of numerous studies, publications and lectures in the field of personal data protection, IT law, e-government and legal informatics. His areas of scientific activity include first of all Polish and European IT law, processing and security of information, legal information retrieval systems, informatisation of public administration, electronic signature and application of semantic web and legal ontologies in legal information processing.

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Raphaël VINOT


Raphaël Vinot is a security researcher at the Computer Incident Response Center Luxembourg (CIRCL) since 2012. Raphaël wants to increase the IT consciousness of the human beings populating the internet in order to make it safer for everyone. His day job is a mixture of forensic and malware analysis with a lot of Python on top of it to glue all the pieces together. He loves sharing and thinks everyone should contribute to open source projects.

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Legal Counsel, Parner, Traple Konarski Podrecki i Wspólnicy Sp.j.

Agnieszka Wachowska is part of the law firm’s TMT practice, and works as the head of the IT-Telco team. She specialises in the legal issues of new technologies and copyright law with particular emphasis on the IT industry, including from the perspective of public entities and issues related to public procurement law in the context of the IT industry. In addition, Agnieszka Wachowska provides legal support to telecommunication operators, and advises on telecommunications law.
She was part of several dozen projects that involved developing and negotiating IT-related contracts, including implementation, maintenance, hosting, and licence contracts. She also participated in a number of large and comprehensive audits of IT-related contracts, including audits to determine the scope of rights to software.
Agnieszka Wachowska advises our clients on projects related to investments in innovations as well as IT and telecommunications infrastructure with the use of EU funds, and investments related to public aid, including strategic projects to construct and operate broadband networks.
She speaks at conferences, seminars and trainings. Agnieszka Wachowska has authored numerous industry-specific and scientific publications with respect to copyright, copyright and legal protection of computer software as well as public procurement in the context of the IT industry.
She is a PhD student at the Chair of Intellectual Property Law of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University, and studied as a visiting fellow at Tilburg University (the Netherlands).




CISSP, Senior Technology Consultant, RSA, The Security Division of EMC

Helmut is Senior Technology Consultant at RSA, The Security Division of EMC. In his role Helmut is responsible for providing technical expertise in support of pre-sales activities in the
DACH and EE region. He assists customers and partners in the analysis, design and development of fully integrated technology solutions. Currently he works as an advisor for implementing the RSA Netwitness Suite. Helmut has over twenty-five years experience in data communication, systems management, multi-channel banking and focused on Information Security for the last ten years.



CISA, CISM, LA27001, Technical Director, ComCERT S.A.

Experienced information security management specialist. He has many years of experience in IT systems security, which he gained working for almost 20 years as a systems and network devices administrator, analyst, implementation engineer and developer of support systems for SCADA. Co-founder and long-term CEO of Promison Sp. o.o., company providing IT outsourcing services. He has collaborated with many companies in the field of IT systems security and audits. Before joining ComCERT SA, he was IT Security Manager at the Polish State Railways SA.
Besides information security he is interested in aviation and sailing. He is a member of ISACA.


IT Security Team Manager, Cybercom Poland

For over 20 years in IT security industry, especially connected with compliance, application and data security. Co-founder of Polish Symantec branch, in which he was teams’ manager. Now he is Business Unit Manager in Cybercom Security Division and security team manager which specializes in network, application, and infrastructure security, social engineering, advisory and security consultations.