2018, September 13th, 12:00
End: 2018, September 14th, 12:00
Where: at the SECURITY CASE STUDY conference – Warsaw, Poland

Organizers – Polish Civil Cyber Defence Association, Cybersecurity Foundation

TOP 1 – 7500 PLN
TOP 2 – 4500 PLN
TOP 3 – 1500 PLN

Format: on-site (offline)

Duration – The competition will take place during the SCS conference. It will begin on September 13th at 12:00 and will end on September 14th at 12:00.
CTF will not be available between 13th September (20:00) and 14th September (8:00).

Teams – Any team consisting of individuals who have registered for the SCS18 conference can participate in the competition, including participants registered for a free part of the conference. Teams are limited to a maximum of three players. Each competitor can only be registered to one team. External help is forbidden. Teams participate in the contest at their own expense.

Logistics  The competition will take place in the dedicated area of the Sound Garden Hotel, where the SCS18 conference will take place. Participants will have a WiFi network, access to power sockets, tables and chairs. Lunch will be served for all CTF players.

Registration to the competition: Registration will run until the conference begins.
Please send the submissions to e-mail address  – contact (at) cybsecurity.org.
Besides each participant should also register using the form: https://www.securitycasestudy.pl/en/free-registration/


Contact (e-mail) – contact (at) cybsecurity.org