Cyber Fortress 2020

Cyber Fortress

“Cyber Fortress” is a simulation game based on building a cybersecurity system for the ICT environment and responding to incidents occurring in this environment.

The game is played with specially designed cards symbolizing security controls in the organizational, process and technical area. The participants of the game are tasked with building resilient security system of the organization (prevention phase) and taking appropriate actions in the occurrence of the cyber attack (reaction phase).

The game is played with cards that symbolize individual security features. Each of the security control has its price (shown on the card) and the strength of the defensive impact (unknown to players and different for individual cyber attacks).

For the purpose of building a cybersecurity system game participants receive a virtual budget that limits the scope of their investments.

The game is also available in online mode and during the upcoming of the Security Case Study, you will be able to face this challenge by joining a special “Cyber Fortress” league.

More information coming soon!