About conference

We live in an age of globalization. The dynamic technology changes and the cyberspace growth have created brand new, previously unheard of business opportunities, which bring, in addition to undoubted advantages, many threats. From a business perspective the most important problems include cybercrime. It becomes essential to identify and overcome the threats caused by the Internet growth, which are increasingly the result of the organized crime. Not only the government institutions and large companies become the targets of the attacks, but also smaller companies, as well as average consumers as PC users. All of this causes that the trade of acquired information grows. Polish companies must also consider the threats of this type and must actively undertake the cyber threats (including cyber espionage) preventive actions and countermeasures. Therefore, the ICT security becomes a strategic matter, and becomes a condition of organisation’s stability and growth. As found by the IDC and National University of Singapore research “Connection between illegal software and cybersecurity breaches”, the average corporations’ losses due to the organized cybercrime groups’ activities, can reach 315 billion US dollars a year.



  • ICT security units directors and managers
  • managers and specialists dealing with ICT security issues
  • technical leaders involved in this area
  • ICT security enthusiasts.


Conference name is not accidental:

  • The whole agenda will be filled with the most important, current cases from the professional life of IT security specialists.
  • The proposed formula naturally enforces sharing their experiences and recommendations concerning the discussed issues, cyber threats and attacks on businesses or institutions.
  • The presenters will share their authentic knowledge, which quite often can be gained only in an emergency situation, will talk not about any theoretical or book-learning cases, but about realities, when the organisations had to cope with the tasks.
  • The presented cases will be described from both the technical and – as is well known, what is not less important – organisational perspective.


  • interesting lectures in the field of IT Security, Case Studies
  • networking opportunity, meetings with professionals and IT security topic enthusiasts
  • opportunity of joining the outstanding group of professionals
  • place where you can expand your knowledge and gain experiences
  • excellent opportunity to establish new business contacts
  • opportunity to participate in the many attractive activities oriented on developing your skills
  • meeting, which you cannot forget

In addition, the second part of the Conference consists of the workshops focused on technical issues.